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4.9 stars from 240+ ratings

What a GREAT resource!


“Thanks you too for going on the journey with us”

Big Brother B via Apple Podcasts · United States of America 

So awesome!


“Brett and Dani are now a big part of my day as I take on this series”

Lmhackkk1991 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America 

Great Podcast!


“I’m a big WoT fan and this podcast is one of my absolute favorite right now! I love the combo of a new reader and experienced reader, and even though I’ve read the series multiple times, I’ve learned things from Danielle and Brett I never noticed before. They have a great way of going through the story and highlighting the important parts without getting too bogged down in the (very extensive) detail. It’s the next best thing to listening to the audiobooks! Don’t wait! Listen and Find Out!”

Ender988 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America ·

Love you guys


“Hands down the best Wheel of Time podcast! It’s a joy to relive the series through the eyes of a newcomer.”

Brunchmvb via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 

Spoiler Free, Fun and Entertaining


“The combo of new vs. veteran reader makes for some great discussions. Dani and Brett are great hosts and their banter is always fun. Definitely recommend to any first time reader who wants a pocast to follow without having to worry about spoilers. Having already read through the series, hearing Dani's theories is my absolute favorite!”

NerdyKnitty via Apple Podcasts · United States 

Exactly what I was looking for


“Absolutely love this podcast! I’ve read WoT countless times but my partner is only just getting into it now. It’s been great to listen along to Brett and Dani (sorry if I muck up the spelling!) going through exactly the same thing! Love Dani’s wild predictions and love Brett’s incredible poker face/voice. Would give more stars if I could!”

ali icecream via Apple Podcasts · Australia 

Love, Love, Love!!


“This podcast is so much fun. I’m currently rereading the WOT series. I am really enjoying going back to the beginning with Dani and Brett. They have amazing chemistry and when they go off on tangents I find them extremely relatable. I really enjoy Dani’s wild predictions as she is a first time reader and Brett makes sure there are absolutely no spoilers. I’m also learning so much from Brett and reconsidering things that I missed the first two times around. If you’re looking for a fun in-depth WOT podcast, this is definitely for you!!!!”

brixslayer via Apple Podcasts · Canada ·

The BEST Wheel of Time Pod


“Don’t waste your time with any other WOT pod. This was the 5th WOT pod I tried and wow, this is the ONE! Seriously. Dani is adorable and Brett is great too. Seriously, don’t waste your time anywhere else. THE BEST!”

jMorrisroe28 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America ·

Great podcast


“I’ve read the whole series but I didn’t realize how thoroughly I’d enjoy reading a chapter or two and then listening and hearing others input and finding out things I’ve missed and never even thought of even after knowing and loving these books. Really top class.”

MechaStuzilla via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 

Probably the best first read podcast


“This is the best first read podcast I have found both funny and smart it’s the podcast I most look forward to every week I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in reading for the first time or for those who are veterans of the series.”

Blaydon via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain ·

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