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The Wheel Weaves is a podcast breaking down The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and is suitable for first time readers.

Join Dani and Brett as they journey into the series for chapter analysis, character break-downs, and (probably wrong) predictions - all from the perspective of a WoT first timer.

Guided by Brett, the long-time super fan, Dani reads through the series knowing nothing! No spoilers here!




Dani and Brett were married in 2015 and share a love of all things fantasy, travelling and sports. Their adventure together began in 2011 where they spent the first year of their relationship living apart in two different cities!

Since then, they have travelled all over and settled down in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 2018 they welcomed their son into their family and in 2020 welcomed their daughter.

As if they weren't busy enough with 2 full time jobs and children, they decided to dive into the crazy world of podcasting to bring a comedic and informative show to the Wheel of Time community! 



Dani is a special education teacher who works with students with mental health challenges. She grew up playing competitive sports and discovered a love of soccer at the age of 9. She loves travelling, outdoor adventures and musicals! She was introduced to fantasy reading early in life, becoming a true Harry Potter fan in Middle School. Later progressing to an interest in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, it was only a matter of time before diving into The Wheel of Time! 

Dani is currently completing her Masters of Education with a focus on Educational Neuroscience and Children's Mental Health. 


Brett is a senior advisor at an insurance company. His sales career has taken him all over the country! He loves travelling, camping, watching movies and discovering new shows to watch. He grew up playing competitive sports and in high school, played on Provincial volleyball, team handball and soccer teams. Brett is a seasoned Wheel of Time veteran, beginning reading the series around age 11. He has reread the series so many times he has lost count! Brett is no stranger to the fantasy genre and has also read many other series by fantasy authors.

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